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What is "Green Burial"?

Green Burial is an environmentally friendly burial option, free from the carbon emissions produced through the cremation process or the land commitment of traditional cemeteries. A green burial takes place in a "green cemetery" or "natural burial ground". Burial vaults and embalming chemicals are not used. A fully biodegradable casket made from sustainable materials is placed directly into the earth where nature is allowed to take its course.

Who is interested in "Green Burial"?

People who are concerned for their environment and are looking for something other than cremation or burial in a traditional cemetery might be interested in green burial.

How can New England Green Burial Society help?

New England Green Burial Society offers resources, guidance, coordination and direction for those interested in green burial. Our standards are exacting and our commitment to the dignity of the burial process is unwavering. We will assist you with great care through the entire process.

The New England Green Burial Society is a service offering of Keohane Funeral and Cremation Service.

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